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I've been done for awhle now, but it's time for a formal announcement.

29 years in business, more or less, Now it's time to call it a day. Retire

No more parties. Finished. Got a real job now. Making more money than I ever did as  a DJ -- although I do sort of miss the free time during the week. Phone's disconnected. Lights are off.

I leave this site up, for the time being, as a nostalgic reminder. It's hard to say goodbye to anything you've done for so long..

It was a good run.



Everything worth saying about any DJ service fits into just four simple categories:

  • The Equipment (Hardware): No equipment = no party!
  • The Software (Music): If the DJ doesn't bring your song, he can't play your song!
  • The Guy (The Boss): If the DJ doesn't know what he's doing, nothing else matters!
  • How the Show Gets Put Together (Events): Presentation appropriate for the situation.

Everything else is just "sales fluff." Well, almost everything.

ALsMUSIC is, and always has been, about your fun -- and our professionalism. Everyone knows an un-professional Disc Jockey is not "fun!" But, nearly all DJs will tell you almost exactly the same thing about their professionalism, whether they can back it up or not. We'll use these pages to try to show you instead of just telling you, to allow you to decide for yourself that ALsMUSIC can provide the music and entertainment your event deserves.

Use the buttons on the left to select features of ALsMUSIC DJ service you'd like to learn about.

You'll find detailed information about our several Central Iowa DJ shows, music lists, ideas about how we can help you plan the music for your wedding reception, party or prom, pictures of DJs in action, and some wiseguy entertainment and wedding links you might have fun with after you're finished with your serious research for a professional Iowa party entertainer. 

There is a LOT of information here, but you'll have to poke around some to find it all. We do that on purpose. When we ask people what "features" they're looking for in a DJ, most say they have no idea. If I make things too simple, and condense the pitch too much, all DJs start to look and sound the same. When you look closely and compare carefully, however, you'll see that there is often a BIG difference. We hope you'll look closely so you'll see it for yourself.

You can call us DJ, D J , dj, disc jockey, deejay, disk jockey, prodj, or Iowa mobile party pro -- just call!!

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Since 1995 ALsMUSIC has performed in each of these towns:

ALsMUSIC can deliver all booking and planning material online on the Web or by email.

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