ALsMUSIC Reception Tips:

To Help Make the Day Perfect!

A good DJ can adapt what he does to almost any situation. (Occasionally, I've had to!) By the time the reception starts it's usually too late for a DJ to take very much "corrective action." By then, a smart DJ will just do the best he can and go with the flow.

Since 1980, when ALsMUSIC started business, I have seen success and failures of nearly 2000 wedding receptions from the inside. The ALsMUSIC Reception Planning book can help you avoid having to reinvent your wedding day wheel!

I've put the best of my experience, plus a few warnings about some of the biggest reception blunders I've seen, into 50 must-read pages. These tips may not guarantee health, or wealth, but they make it easy to keep common oversights from stealing the headlines in your wedding album--and that may have a lot to do with your happiness!

The ALsMUSIC Reception Planner answers all the following questions and many others you might not even think about until . . .


Do you know all the answers?

What should you NEVER, NEVER do during your reception?

How can you truly personalize your special activities?

Where do the people with those perfect reception ideas get them from?

What should you tell the banquet hall staff before they design the room layout?
How big should you make the dance floor?

How will the time of the wedding service affect the dance?

When is it best to cut the cake?

How can you keep from offending guests during your dollar dance?

When is the proper time to dim the lights?

How can an uninformed photographer or videographer spoil the mood?

What is it that often makes guests decide to go home?

What is likely to provide the topic for your first "fight"—if you don't work it out beforehand?

What should you look for in the perfect song for your first dance?

What is the best way to introduce the wedding party?

When planning your wedding day agenda, what common temptation is it best to resist?

What should you insist that every person making a toast always do?

What are the two most common mistakes newlyweds make when they throw the garter or bouquet?

What do you need to decide about KIDS before your wedding day?

What should you do as soon as possible after the wedding service?



Our Reception Planner is packed with information that will make you better informed, your planning easier, and your wedding day more trouble free. It serves as a valuable guide when you are desigining you reception agenda and filling out your selections in our multi-page reception activities questionnaire.

Our latest major overhaul to the way we do business has been to transfer our wedding planning book and the material that goes with it to a personalized online database which you may download and use offline on your computer. This has several big advantages. Notable among them is that, we can make new information available for our customers to use much more quickly. Also, we can include much more "peripheral" information that just wasn't practical to include in the printed version.

Almost all DJ services have their clients fill out an "event planner" data sheet, but usually it's just a single page--and you're on your own when you fill it out. Our "data sheet" is several pages long, and we walk you through all the options and possibilites of each of your answers so you can put everything together with the confidence of a wedding-day veteran. More important, we include many "idea starters" to help you come up with your own original ideas which will help make your reception unique.

You can't buy it at any price, but it's yours free as an ALsMUSIC added-service bonus!


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