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Al Weltha
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Al Weltha In 1980, I started my DJ service as a spare-time sideline to a fledgling broadcasting career. ALsMUSIC has since grown into a full-time dance music company with hundreds of performances yearly. This growth is the result of a tradition of quality entertainment at a fair price every time, time after time. There are no "secrets" in this business. You must have an eye for detail, an obsession for precision, be willing to go to any length to get the job done, and keep a healthy sense of humor throughout the process.

I've had the good fortune to have many satisfied customers tell their friends about ALsMUSIC, and for several years, we have had more bookings than I can fill alone. ALsMUSIC now represents several other fine, experienced entertainers--most of whom have built a following and clientele of their own.

ALsMUSIC is doing more business all the time, but we will never abandon the belief that quality disk jockey entertainment is an art form. A DJ service using mass-production techniques and cookbook formulas to hot-rod fast-food class employees into the field is like a bar selling watered booze. We hate to turn away a customer, but we will do so rather than recommend an unsuitable performer. I will never overstate the abilities or experience of the entertainers I represent.

The DJ business is crawling with clever promoters and high-pressure salesmen who are experts at making a little sound like a lot, and at deflecting questions which might reveal weaknesses in their "product." ALsMUSIC will never stoop to that level. I encourage careful investigation of our services, and the ALsMUSIC performance record. I am confident that, the harder you look, the better ALsMUSIC will look. The information on these pages is intended to give you a detailed look at our operating philosophy. We also hope to illustrate our commitment to customer satisfaction, and, as well as this medium allows, demonstrate our ability as entertainers.

I firmly believe that to succeed in business, you must always be willing to work harder and deliver more for the money than your competition. That's the only way to succeed. Others may promise more, but nobody delivers more. I put my name on the line.

--Al Weltha


Al shares some thoughts on some secrets of the DJ biz:


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