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Depending on the space available, I have several lighting systems I can use. I have a custom designed system of twenty four multi-colored 100 watt flood lights which surround the dance floor and flood the room with color that changes with the music. For a small extra charge, you can add my deluxe multi-mirror ball display which also lights up the whole room and adds motion to the colors. I enhance either light show, and add a subtle magic glow to the room, with six ultra high-power UV discharge floodlights. It is a wonderfully subtle Cinderella-like effect that is both entertaining and classy. If you want a truly spectacular light show, it's available, but, for reception entertainment, I truly recommend my regular light show for an excellent look.

Concert quality sound:

Digital five-way 5000 watt stereo sound. The point is fidelity, not "loud." Get home theater sound quality even in a ballroom-sized setting. I've been searching for the best sound I can afford ever since junior high when I borrowed a couple of hundred bucks from my parents for a "real" stereo for my room. My stereo as gotten a LOT bigger over the years, and I'm still working on it.

NO "live" performer has this much diversity!

A mobile music library of more than 20,000 songs on CD assures a one-of-a-kind program that's a perfect music match for your party.

Five hour performances:

Divide your time between background music and dancing as you see fit. Enjoy your cocktail and dinner conversation without worry. You'll still have plenty of time for dancing. If you never get tired and simply must have more time, you can reserve additional time at a very low rate.

Al Weltha has been a Full-time DJ since 1990Full-time Professionalism:

I am a full-time touring entertainer. You get my 100% full-time commitment to quality--and it shows!

Go ahead, relax and enjoy the party, I'll keep things running smoothly. Think of me as your "designated driver" for the evening. A tuxedo is my standard "work clothes" -- unless the party is at the beach. And don't worry about me getting too "loose," I don't drink anything stronger than club soda when I'm on the clock.

Al Weltha is a professional DJ entertainerMore than 20 years experience:

For knowing the right way to do things, what to avoid, and the best music for your party, there is no substitute or short-cut for experience. One thing is for sure, I won't be using your reception as "on the job training." I retired my DJ "training wheels" hundreds of performances ago. And, to give you added confidence, nothing makes me prouder than to be able to say that I have never missed a performance! Ever!

The ALsMUSIC sound system will make your party sound better than live entertainmentThe perfect entertainment combination:

I'll bring you the warmth and personality of a seasoned entertainer, music variety only a DJ can provide, and impressive sound and visual presentation that rivals the best regional live entertainment. My show is 100% complete, with everything needed--music, sound equipment, tables, even electricity if necessary! All you provide are the guests and some space on the floor.

ALsMUSIC offers the lowest price per pound in Central IowaHere's the best news yet!

Getting The Best doesn't cost a lot.

My personal appearances cost only a little more than you'll pay for a generic DJ.

You get so much extra...

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Really BIG lights . . . . .

I have experimented with all kinds of lighting effects through the years. I think my "standard" lighting options are the best for most events that your parents, or other "old" people will be at. (Excuse me, Mom.)

I also have a huge "in your face" light show, that I use at most of the High school and college parties I play for. You can have it, if you want, for a moderate additional charge--but you have to ask for it. For more information about my Total Hollywood light show, click here.

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