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  • Hardware: Al's sound system specifications:
    • 5 kW five-way system (subwoofer, low-mid, mid, hi-mid, tweeter)
    • +/- 2 dB 30 Hz to 18 kHz @30 ft/95 dB SPL
    • ~30 amps 120 VAC
    • Speakers (nice, huh?)

      JBL components
      4 - 18" sub-bass
      8 - 15" bass in custom ported cabinet
      2 - 12" mid
      2 - 2" compression driver horns
      2 - 1" bi-radial super tweeters
    • Denon CD Players
    • Allen & Heath Xone:464
    • DBX Driverack 481
      provides the following services:
      RTA function
      system EQ
      room EQ
      crossover control
      system limiting (speaker protection)
      speaker time alighment
    • Sabine Feedback eliminator
    • Amplifiers
      ALsMUSIC Amplifier Rack

      High: Ashly 1501

      High-Mid: (2) Ashly 1501 (bridged)

      Mid: Crown MacroTech 600

      Low-Mid: Crown MacroTech 1200

      Low: Crown MacroTech 2400

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    • Other interesting yet trivial info
      Total 2,200 lbs including:

      1000+ feet of wire/cable
      24 wheels/casters
      2 computers
      wireless network access point
      2 wireless mic systems
      4 microphones
      8 amplifiers
      5 CD players
      4 comp/limiters
      22 speakers in 12 speaker boxes
      more than 350 buttons/knobs/switches etc
      two tons of fun!!

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    • Lights
  • I can't do the subject justice without adding word or two about volume! (This is important!!)
  • Before we finish this topic, here are a few other crucial components every state-of-the-art quality DJ sound system should have:
  • *Audiophile grid interconnect
  • *Wattgate
  • (Please note that although the above are real products, it isn't likely that I'll have actually spent any of my hard-earned cash on them anytime soon. This is intended as a little bit of sound-geek humor.)

    And coming soon!!

    Crown BF6000. putting the "killer" in killer power amps!

  • ALsMUSIC can deliver all booking and planning material online on the Web or by email.

    Some helpful tools:
    Get Firefox!

    Any ProDJ worth his salt should carry one of these useful tools.





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