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This marriage jokes list started as just a collection of amusing (to me, at least) odds and ends which would catch my eye from time to time. This collection was born when I decided to focus on marriage/relationship/battle-of-the-sexes items. (You should see the items I left out!) With some creativity, many of the items on these pages could be worked into a wedding reception speech. Using some of them in speeches will require more creativity (or courage) than others. Sensitive souls may find some of the material rather raw.


Marriage is adult business. Like sex, kids may enjoy it, too, but they have no idea of what they're really getting into.

If anything here frightens you, perhaps you are not ready for a long-term relationship: run away while you still can! (If you are so easily dissuaded, you are most assuredly not ready!)

If, like most, you choose not to heed that warning, then take this advice: a sense of humor may be your only hope of breaking even in the marriage game, and, I believe, breaking even is the best you should ever hope for. Please consider this material an opportunity to practice laughing.

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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So I guess I should be flattered. Many of these items have been around for quite awhile. But I can claim to have coined one or two myself -- and I collected them all one-at-a time, over a span of ten years or more, from a hundred different sources. That was more than half the fun.

I researched it fairly carefully at the time and can say with fair certainty that none of these items had appeard on the web before I put up this page.

I've noticed that there are others who apparently like my work, since in seems they've copied quite a bit of it verbatim. I'd like to give them credit for their efforts (even though they haven't seen fit to credit mine)

Amazing Sounds -- Southern CA

Upbeats Mobile Music DJs -- Ohio

Perhaps the most ironic joke on those pages is the copyright notice!

To his small credit, one of those "authors" appears to have rearranged things slightly, after I contacted him, so as to not be so obviously identical to the source.

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