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ALsMUSIC Artist list (updated 12/30/2005)

This update includes songs by nearly 5100 artists and is much more managable than the complete list of song titles. While the music industry generates about 500-600 new "hits" each year, the list of artists producing those hits is much smaller. Far fewer than 100 new artists generate legitimate hits in any given year, so in addition to being easier to read, this list goes out of date much more slowly than a list of songs. Annual updates are usually sufficient, which is good because it's quite a project to compile and prepare a new linked list for the Web. If you need more current information, please ask. I update the internal database 2x/month.

I'm sure that there are a few duplications caused by spelling errors/typos. Several more are the result of "official" artists name changes. I don't claim for this to be any kind of a authoritative work -- the database was developed, and remains primarily for my use "on the air" -- but I do like to be as accurate as possible. (within my finite patience for proofreading.)

I met a DJ awhile back who (at that time) routinely claimed 50,000(+) songs--by including the inventory at his local public library (!!!) into the count. His rationalization was that he could "get" any of those songs if asked. I feel better about myself publishing a more honest total. This is not what I can "get" if given sufficient advance notice, this is what I carry to every job.

Here is a simple statistic: About half of the ALsMUSIC CD collection consists of every nationally charting song that got airplay on CHR (top 30), Country, Rock, Urban, or Adult Contemporary radio stations since 1992. Every one! The other half is made up of thousands of other songs that either charted before that time (IE: oldies), in some other format, or those "other" odd-duck songs it's just a good idea for a DJ to have.

Some DJs offer abbreviated lists of "greatest-greatest hits" that are MUCH easier to browse. But those abbreviated lists almost always leave out the perfect song(s) for some situations. Nearly every one of the artists listed here have a song that is playable and appropriate under certain circumstances, however, so I include them all -- leaving it for you to decide which are relevant.


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