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What kindsof music do you play?

It's the $64 question. The only real truthful answer starts with another question, or two questions, actually: What is it we are trying to accomplish? and Who are we trying to accomplish it for? The answers determine the music that is best for the job. Are we trying to fill a dance floor, or provide background music for conversation? Are we playing for the High School, or the bowling league? A DJ who tries to be everything to everybody, usually ends up being nothing to nobody. These days there is NO music "format" that works for everybody all the time.

A big portion of our "background work" when preparing for an event is spent identifying the kind of music that will be desired by the crowd. This can be a lot of fun, since asking 10 different people about "good music" usually produces at least 10 different answers.

So what kind of music DO we play? Whatever works, depending on the occasion and the audience. That's why we carry more than 25,000 songs to every event. A "professional" DJ is ready for anything and knows how to build a music- that will suit the crowd in front of him. We keep up to date. We add new songs to our collection at the same time those same songs are going out to radio stations -- so we'll already have them on hand when people begin asking for them. We have nearly every song that has gotten national radio airplay (pop, rock, country) since 1992. We presently track 8 different popular radio formats. If you heard a song on the radio, we probably have it.

We also track "non-radio" music. We pick up "underground songs" that become popular without extensive radio play as we become aware of them. We have a lot of danceable jazz -- from Ella Fitzgerald, to Michael Buble.

We have blues -- from Duke Robillard to Duke Tomato, to Danny Gatton, to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

We have "club music" and "electronica" and "lounge" and "nujazz" and "lo-fi."

Don't forget the "oldies" either. There's not a lot of "new" old music coming out these days, but we've been playing the hits since 1980 -- so if a song has ever been popular, we probably have it.

To put it quite bluntly, if we don't have something you like, it's a pretty safe bet you're being too picky.

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