Does ALsMUSIC take requests?

So, Where is the Music List?

I think offering prospective clients a long list of song titles is misleading. Here's why: If I send you a list so you can "mark the song titles you want me to play," then by golly I better play those songs! Shouldn't I? Otherwise, why make you take the all time to do it in the first place?

The full hard-copy ALsMUSIC song list is now more than 200 pages long! In addition to being expensive to print and mail, I feel it causes more problems than it solves. If you are like most people, when faced with such a huge list, you will mark songs here and there that you like--until you get bored. Then you'll quit. Nobody ever reads the entire list! Nobody! And usually, people just pick titles they recognize from such a list with little regard to what, if anything, those songs will add to the party. I've looked at a lot of these marked-up song lists. It's funny, but most of the time 80% of the songs picked are either in the first ten letters of the alphabet or in a small cluster of pages (apparently) chosen at random.

Let's just suppose the songs you mark don't turn out to be "what works" at your party. Do we flush the list and play what your guests are requesting and/or what our experience shows will really work? (That makes our promise to play the songs you requested a lie.) Or do we play "your" songs anyway (after all, YOU asked for it), and let the party bomb?

The DJs providing you with these "mark the songs you'd like us to play" music lists rarely point this out, but any DJ only has time to play 50-60 songs during an average party. Do you want to take the time to consider carefully each of more than 20,000 songs on our master library list to pick only the best 50? If you do, and you're positive the 50 you select are the best for your dance, you don't need a DJ! You should rent a jukebox, program the songs yourself and save a bunch of money!

If your marks on the list will just provide "an idea" of what kind of music you'd like, then why in the world should you have to deal with a list that is more than 200 times longer than you could ever hope to have time to play? The way I see it, those DJs are trying to trick you into doing their job for them.

I'll admit, it is a good ploy. You get a big impressive list of hit songs the DJ says he has on hand. You mark a bunch of titles that you recognize. The DJ plays some of them. If the party is great, he takes the credit. If it flops, he shrugs it off and blames you because, he "just played requests."

I've found that there are just two real reasons people want to see a music list: First, because they've talked to a DJ that uses one as a big part of his sales pitch. Second, to be sure the DJ can play more than just strange heavy metal rap songs. I've just addressed reason one, now for reason two.

 The ALsMUSIC approach

Rather than focusing on song titles to get an idea of what music you'd like, I've found a list of artists provides a better picture of your taste. It also provides more latitude for your DJ to adjust to the mood of your guests as a group.

Any specific songs you're sure you want, you already know! You shouldn't need to look at a list. Ask for them by name and we'll play them! We probably have nearly every one.

This method of music selection puts more responsibility for the success of your party on your DJ. But isn't that why you're going to the trouble to find an experienced professional in the first place? With ALsMUSIC, your party is in good hands. We bring the music you're looking for to every party, and we have the skill and experience to make the right selections at the right time.

If you're still sold on lists, get a good grip on your mouse. The links below are to a listing of the artists routinely represented in the ALsMUSIC library. Of course, we add new music every day, so if you don't see an artist you like, please ask.

If you must have song titles, too, ask me to e-mail you the whole list! (~750K)


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