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Our best show includes more than 9 kilowatts of lighting effects, and more than 4 kilowats of sound. There is more than a ton of lights and equipment in all. If local 220 VAC service is not available, we can also be self-powered.

You can have an ALsMUSIC party anywhere!

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Show Requirements



One of the following:


Performance area must be available minimum 4 hours before and two hours after.
A defeatable central smoke detector/fire alarm system is a plus.

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Portable Party Power

Get your DJ "To Go" --

An "extra" that few others can offer!

This trailer mounted generator gives us the capability to play anywhere with full capacity and no quality concessions. It was manufactured by Kohler electronics as an emergency standby generator for sensitive applications requiring lab-grade A/C.

DJs sometimes try to use portable generators made for camping, but they soon learn that these behave erratically under load--tapes and CDs often play the wrong speed, and/or the system picks up a buzz that is impossible to get rid of.

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Total Hollywood Equipment List:

32' of 14" aluminum box truss  

12 multicolor cyc lights @500 watts  specs

2400 W
24 Par 38 4-color footlight floods @100 watts  

2400 W
2 Fanstar 800 @500 watts  specs

1000 W
1 Beamer 40 @800 watts  specs

800 W
4 Dichroic moonflower @300 watts  

1200 W
8 ADJ ET @300 watts  specs

2400 W
3 Avenger @600 watts  specs

1800 W
2 10' police beacons @100 watts  

200 W
 3 Mystic @600 watts  specs

1800 W
1 25,000 cubic/ft/min fog machine @1500 watts  specs
1 High-compression hazer  specs
6 white moonflower @50 watts  

300 W
2 4-channel gobo pattern light chase @50watts/ch.  specs

400 W
8 strobes @50 watt/sec  specs
6 UV floodlights  

830 W
48' 4ch light rope  
20' x 8' black backing drape  
These are moving-beam efx  
Total ALsMUSIC lighting  

Almost 21,000 Watts!
*exact configuration may vary with show-package purchased and/or capacity of electric service at venue  

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